Jay-Z persuaded Beyonce to feature on Eminem’s new track ‘Walk On Water’

Marshall Mathers opens up about the unexpected new single

Jay-Z  persuaded Beyonce to feature on Eminem’s new track ‘Walk On Water’, it’s been revealed.

The unexpected collaboration was unveiled yesterday, and is likely to appear on the rapper’s much anticipated upcoming new album. During a chat on the premiere episode of producer Rick Rubin’s new podcast ‘Broken Record’, it emerged that it was in fact Jay-Z who brought the two huge artists together.  Listen to the full podcast here.

After Eminem spoke about the vulnerability exposed on his stripped-back piano ballad, co-host Malcom Gladwell said: “Rick went to see Jay-Z, Beyonce was out of town, and played him the song.” He added: “He liked it and she liked it, and he got her to sing the chorus.”


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Elsewhere in the podcast, Eminem reflected on covering new ground with the low-key single and the pressure of keeping material fresh. “Where do you go if people are always expecting something different from you?” he asked. “There’s less places to go that you haven’t already been.”

The Detroit rapper’s new album is thought to be called ‘Revival’, with its title seemingly revealed by a marketing campaign involving fake pharmaceutical adverts.

Fans have speculated that ‘Revival’ will complete Eminem’s trilogy of albums following 2009’s ‘Relapse’ and 2010’s ‘Recovery’. It would also be the rapper’s first release since 2013’s ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’.

Eminem is set to perform on Saturday Night Live later this month (November 18) during an episode hosted by Chance The Rapper.

He is also reportedly set to launch his new album with a “massive” performance at the MTV EMAs on Sunday (November 12).