Jeff Bridges: ‘I’d like to do ‘The Big Lebowski 2”

Actor willing to consider playing The Dude once more

Jeff Bridges has spoken out about the possibility of a return to his most famous role, The Big Lebowski‘s The Dude.

When asked by Metro if he’d like to return to the role of the unemployed bowling fan he played in the 1998 film, he answered: “Oh, absolutely. But I wouldn’t count on that.”

He added: “It doesn’t seem like something the Coen Brothers would be interested in, but then again they’re always about surprising us, so who knows, maybe they’ll surprise us again. I’d do it again.”

When asked for his thoughts on what The Dude could hypothetically be up to at the moment, he replied: “Maybe he’s getting it on with [character] Maude, having another kid.”

Bridges recently received an Oscar nomination for his work on True Grit – a second team-up with Lebowski directors the Coen Brothers.

He faces competition for the Best Actor award from Colin Firth, for The King’s Speech. The ceremony is set to be held in Los Angeles on February 27.