Jeff Bridges to play exorcist in ‘The Seventh Son’

British actor Alex Pettyfer is also rumoured to appear

Jeff Bridges has signed on to play an exorcist in The Seventh Son.

The film – former working titles of which include The Last Apprentice and The Spook’s Apprentice – will see Bridges play the role of Spook, an exorcist who trains up an apprentice.

The apprentice, Thomas, is a role rumoured to be earmarked for I Am Number Four actor Alex Pettyfer, reports

The film, based on the books of Joseph Delaney, is set in the 1700s. The character of Thomas will be older than he is in the books – in which he’s 12 – to suit Pettyfer.

Jennifer Lawrence, who is Oscar-nominated for her role in Winter’s Bone, is said to be in line for the role of a suspected witch.

The film will be directed by Sergey Bodrov, who directed 2007’s Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan.