‘The Walking Dead”s Jeffrey Dean Morgan thinks Negan could have been the show’s hero

He also revealed that he wants to play the 'Flashpoint'-crossover version of Batman

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has spoken about the idea of Negan being The Walking Dead‘s protagonist rather than its villain, arguing that his character would be considered to be “so funny and sweet” if he had been cast as the hero.

Morgan’s introduction to the hit AMC show, which is now in its seventh season, has both delighted and reviled fans, particularly after Negan’s explosive actions in the season’s opening episode, which premiered back in October.

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Speaking to ABC News, Morgan was asked about how his character might have been viewed if The Walking Dead had started with Negan as its central character.

“Negan would be our hero, and no-one would be angry or scared of Negan right now,” Morgan considered. “Instead, people would think: ‘Wow, what a guy. Look at how he keeps everyone alive. He’s so funny, he’s so sweet. I love his baseball bat!”

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Morgan also said that he’d have loved his character to have faced off against former Walking Dead villain The Governor, who appeared in seasons 3-5, but he also maintained that “no-one could take Negan at this point” in the show.

“To me, I think Negan is the villain of villains that’s been introduced in this world,” Morgan said.

The actor was also asked about a scenario where Batman’s father, Thomas Wayne (who he played in this year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film), had lived, prompting Morgan to reveal one of his “dream roles.”

“My whole dream is to do the Flashpoint Batman,” Morgan said about the 2011 comic crossover series. “I text Zach [Snyder, director] every now and then like: ‘Dude…'”