Jennifer Lopez reveals Bruce Springsteen called her after the Super Bowl half time show

J Lo sang a section of Springsteen's 'Born in the USA' during the Super Bowl show

Jennifer Lopez has revealed that Bruce Springsteen called her following her Super Bowl Half Time performance with Shakira. 

Lopez sang a section of Springsteen’s anthem, ‘Born in the USA’ with her daughter Emme during the widely acclaimed show last week (February 2).

Speaking on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Lopez revealed that she personally called Springsteen to ask permission to use the song for the performance. After the show, Springsteen called to tell her he “loved” the moment.


Lopez told Fallon: “He called after the Super Bowl and he was like, ‘You girls can really sing and dance!’

“He said him and his wife Patti loved hearing the song. He’s like, ‘It made our hearts leap with joy.’ So that was a great thing.” You can watch the interview below:

Speaking about her daughter Emme singing Springsteen’s song alongside her, Lopez said: “She has the performance gene. She doesn’t let it in her mind how big it is or how it scares you.

“I think she gets amped. She gets excited, but like a cute excited. I wish I felt more like her. I wish I didn’t realise all of the ramifications of all the thousands of things that could go wrong, which is what makes you nervous.

“But she has a good time with it, and I would never make her do it if she felt uncomfortable in any way.”


Jenifer Lopez; Super Bowl
J Lo with her daughter during their rendition of ‘Born in the USA’. Credit: Getty

Lopez also spoke about her nod to her recent acclaimed performance in Hustlers during the set.
“That was my little nod to Hustlers. I was like, ‘I learned some pole things, let me see what I could do, we can put it in there. I felt, again, it was a very powerful move.”

In a five star review of the film, NME’s Douglas Greenwood said: “From its grandiose opening moments and breathless slo-mo club scenes, it glitters from every surface: a strange, campy style of cinéma vérité that accurately embodies the dichotomy world from which these women came from, by turns scuzzy and luxurious…

“…What a delight it is that just when cinema is about to get snobbish and cerebral that a film as confident, slick and vivacious as this comes out of the woodwork and surprises people.”

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