Jeremy Corbyn is a comic-book hero now

The Labour leader fights 'Maydusa'

Jeremy Corbyn is the star of a new comic-book series.

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Independent graphic novel publisher SelfMadeHero asked artists to submit comics based on the Labour leader to create a collaborative book.

The Corbyn Comic Book will launch at the Labour party conference in Brighton, taking place from Sunday 24 September to Wednesday 27 September.

Guardian cartoonists Steve Bell, Martin Rowson and Stephen Collins, and comics artists Karrie Fransman and Steven Appleby have all contributed to the book.

Most of the comics see Corbyn making jam, later using it as a weapon. This was seemingly inspired after the Labour leader appeared on The One Show and gifted the presenters with homemade jam that he made out of fruits from his own allotment.

In one comic, Corbynman leaves his “mild mannered allotment of solitude” to take on the “inter-dimensional invasion fleet of Daily Mail death drones blasting everything with their Tory food bank rays”.

In Lethal Corbyn III, the Jeremy Corbyn chant – “Oooooh Jeremy Corbyn” to the sound of ‘7 Nation Army’ – plays as Corbyn transforms into a superhero who battles a robotic version of Theresa May.

Speaking of The Corbyn Comic Book, SelfMadeHero’s managing director Emma Hayley told The Guardian: “Corbyn has numerous quirks that lend themselves to these kind of light-hearted stories such as his allotment, the jam-making and El Gato, all stories that have made it into the Corbyn Comic Book.”

She added that the idea was “born out of Corbyn’s rise in popularity and his status as a cultural phenomenon”. “Just as Corbyn seems to have captured the imagination of the people, so has our comic book about him,” she continued.

“It’s a bit of a departure from what we would ordinarily do, but it was the right time to do it. We received over a hundred new submissions for the book and we’re thrilled that the idea has been so well received.”