Jeremy Corbyn explains why he’s ‘Wenger In’

Jeremy Corbyn has weighed in on the debate whether Arsene Wenger has outstayed his position as manager of Arsenal.

Prior to the news of Wenger’s two year contract extension, Corbyn spoke to Football fan site Copa90 where the Labour leader gave his take on the debate over a Twitter video.

“Well”, Corbyn begins. “Wenger came to the club in 1996, and he wasn’t particularly well known. He managed Grampus Eight before. Arsenal recruited him the year before and said “Will you come and manage Arsenal”.

“What amazing opportunity for any manager in the world. He said “Yes, but I must finish my contract with Grampus Eight first.”

Always one to use an anecdote, Corbyn continued: “A few months later, me and my boys and some other kids, I’d taken them to the park. And Arsene Wenger is walking to the stadium carrying a box and so we stopped. He put the box down and just chatted to them about football. This is a man who’s human.”

“He has the warmth and empathy for the children. Now, ok, that’s great. And I think you’ve got to add up his achievements. The league wins, the cup wins. Until this season, the 20 years in the Champions league. I think he’s a guy that’s brought the club forward to world status.”

Corbyn went on to vent his frustrations with the ‘Wenger Out’ crowd: “I get really fed up with these people… Arsenal concede a corner in the first five minutes, and somebody goes “Wenger Out”. Hang on a minute: it’s a corner. It’s five minutes into the game. Get over it!”

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With the election only a week away (June 8), Jeremy Corbyn has been making himself an internet presence talking to JME and addressing crowds at a Libertines performance.