Jeremy Corbyn overtakes Theresa May in poll of who would make the best Prime Minister

He's leading on 35 percent...

Jeremy Corbyn has overtaken Theresa May for the first time ever in an opinion poll of who would make the best Prime Minister.

The Labour leader, who is set to introduce Run The Jewels at Glastonbury Festival, pipped the Prime Minister in a new poll commisioned by YouGov.

The poll showed the Labour on a lead of 35 percent, while Theresa May trailed with 34 percent. A third of voters said they were unsure.


The poll comes only a fortnight after Labour’s unexpectedly strong showing at the General Election, which was bolstered by huge support from young people across the UK.

Research by Ipsos MORI  revealed that some 64 percent of Britain’s 18-24 year olds voted in the June 8 election – a sixteen percent increase on the turnout in 2015 and the largest since 1992.

Tomorrow, Jeremy Corbyn will take to Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage – introducing Run The Jewels before their afternoon set.

Describing his appearance, festival founder Michael Eavis hailed Corbyn as a ‘hero of the moment’.


He said: “Millions of young people – Glastonbury people – voted for him. I think he has a fundamental sense of justice, of real political change, of being anti-war and anti-nuclear. That’s what we’ve spent our lives campaigning for, too.

“Since Emily was two, we’ve been going to London to march for all those things that Jeremy represents.”


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