Jeremy Corbyn responds to Labour being ‘the new punk’

Corbyn says he started out as a "rank outsider".

Jeremy Corbyn has responded to a suggestion that his Labour party is “almost the new punk”.

Architects’ Sam Carter made the comparison in a new interview with Corbyn, pointing out that bands like Enter Shikari and Creeper are also fully behind his Labour Party.

“I think that’s what’s been really exciting about this process,” Corbyn replied in the Kerrang! cover feature. “I started two years ago with the leadership campaign, and we did that as rank outsiders, but we won it because of the popular movement. And then we won it again after there was a challenge. This election campaign that we’re running, essentially, is saying, ‘Well, actually this is your chance to say something.'”

He added: “And either we go down the road of another five years of endlessly making nurses, teachers, soldiers, civil servants and everybody else pay the price of the banking crisis, or we actually liberate people. That’s what our manifesto is essentially doing.”

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Meanwhile, music stars ranging from Adele to Foals and Bastille have encouraged fans to vote in the UK general election. Th 1975’s Matt Healy has said he’ll “send nudes” if people vote Labour.

The British public votes in a snap election today (june 8), with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party narrowly trailing the Conservatives in the latest polls.

NME’s ‘plus one’ campaign wants you to take a mate to the polls. See more in the video below.

NME has been conducting its own nationally representative, pre-election research, with figures obtained by The Stream, surveying 1000+ respondents weekly, all aged between 18-34.

A look at the latest figures in full:

Labour – 46% (+5)
Conservatives – 17% (+1)
Liberal Democrats – 7% (+1)
UKIP 4% (-2)
SNP 4% (+1)
Green Party 4% (+2)
Don’t know 10% (-3)
Won’t vote 7% (-3)