Jeremy Corbyn tells Donald Trump to ‘build bridges, not walls’ during Glastonbury speech

Thousands of people packed into the field in front of the Pyramid Stage to hear the Labour leader speak

Jeremy Corbyn sent a message to Donald Trump during his appearance at Glastonbury this afternoon (June 24).

His speech ahead of Run The Jewels‘ set on the Pyramid Stage drew one of the biggest crowds in the festival’s history.

At the start of his 15-minute talk, the Labour Party leader told the heaving audience: “If you can see that far, look at the wall over there that surrounds this wonderful festival. There’s a message for President Donald Trump: ‘Build bridges, not walls’.”

He continued: “Do you know, politics is actually about everyday life? It’s about all of us – what we want, what we dream, what we achieve, what we want for everyone else. What’s fascinating about this last seven weeks is the commentariat got it wrong, the elite got it wrong. Politics is about the lives of all of us.”

Later, while speaking about the need to protect Earth from further manmade destruction, Corbyn made another dig at the US President. “We cannot go on destroying this planet through pollution,” he said. “We have to live on this planet. There is only one planet. Not even Donald Trump believes there’s another planet.”

Earlier in the day Corbyn had met firefighters and other emergency services and said that PM Theresa May had to ‘get a grip’ over the Grenfell Tower tragedy, which killed over 70 people.

He then went to the Solstice Bar to serve punters with beer earlier in the afternoon.