Jesse Eisenberg signs up for indie film ‘Free Samples’

'The Social Network' star will feature in 'Free Samples'

The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg has joined the cast of indie movie Free Samples.

However, despite being one of the fastest-rising film stars of 2010, Eisenberg won’t be taking on a lead role, reports

That role goes to Jess Weixler, best known for her turn in 2007 horror movie Teeth. In Free Samples she’ll play a law school drop-out who fills her time by working as a server at her friend’s food truck, dishing out free ice cream.

Eisenberg will play Weixler‘s potential boyfriend. Also confirmed to be in the film are Jason Ritter, Tippi Hedren, Halle Pfeiffer, Keir O’Donnell, Jocelyn Donahue and Matt Walsh.

Jay Gemmill is directing the film in Los Angeles. Jim Beggarly has written the script.