Jim Jarmusch to make Iggy Pop documentary

Director reveals plans as well as new film details

Ghost Dog and Mystery Train‘s Jim Jarmusch has revealed details about a documentary about Iggy Pop, as well as his forthcoming film project, while curating All Tomorrow’s Parties in New York.

His follow-up film to The Limits Of Control will feature Tilda Swinton, who Jarmusch has worked with on Broken Flowers, as well as his last film.

He told Pitchfork: “I have a new film project that’s really foremost for me. I hope to shoot early next year with Tilda Swinton and Michael Fassbender and Mia Wasikowska, who was Alice in Wonderland in Tim Burton‘s film. I don’t have that quite financed yet, so I’m working on that.”

The director revealed that as well as the new flick, he will be working on a long-term documentary project with Iggy Pop after the singer asked him to get involved.

Jarmusch said: “It’s something Iggy [Pop] asked me to do. There’s a rule in my household that if Iggy is playing anywhere within 90 miles, we go. It’s going to take a few years though. There’s no rush on it.”