JK Rowling just debunked this legendary ‘Harry Potter’ myth

Bad news, Exeter Uni-goers

JK Rowling has just crushed the runaway imaginations of Exeter University students and alumni alike, after confirming that Harry Potter‘s The Leaky Cauldron pub was not inspired by the Old Fire House in Exeter.

The long-rumoured inspiration for the Hogwarts students’ favourite pint spot is a favourite of Exeter students. The university’s Harry Potter society even hosts events there, so ingrained is the pub’s legacy into Potter lore.

However, responding to a news story about the property being sold, JK Rowling confirmed that the whole story is fabricated – what’s more, she’s never even visited the Old Fire House.

“If you want real fantasy, go to an estate agent,” Rowling wrote on Twitter. “Never visited this pub in my life.”

Predictably, the news has been met with a series of dismayed responses from Exeter students – not least the Potter society itself, who tweeted in response: “Why would you crush our dreams like this”.

Back in December, Rowling was made a Companion of Honour.

Rowling, 52, was presented with the prestigious award by Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday (December 12).

The Companion of Honour is an award established in 1917 and only held by 65 people at any time. It recognises services of national importance.

Rowling was recognised for her services to literature and philanthropy. Other living members of the Companions of Honour include Stephen Hawking, David Attenborough, Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Maggie Smith and Delia Smith. Paul McCartney is expected to be presented with the award shortly.

In a statement, Rowling said that she felt “deeply honoured and proud”, adding: “To be included in the distinguished and diversely talented company of the other Companions of Honour, especially as a female writer, is a particular privilege.”