New shots reveal a grinning Joaquin Phoenix in full costume as The Joker

Pictures capture the villain walking away from a subway riot

New photographs which capture Joaquin Phoenix in full costume as The Joker filming a riot scene in a New York subway have been released.

Joker – one of the most anticipated films of 2019 – will explore the psyche of Batman’s arch-nemesis.

TMZ shared footage of Phoenix as the Clown Prince of Crime filming in a subway station in Uptown Manhattan. Phoenix is caught calmly exiting a subway carriage, removing a clown mask to reveal the classic smeared clown make up. He then walks away from an ensuing riot.


If you look carefully, you can spot the mob is carrying placards that read ‘Clown 4 Mayor’ and ‘Blame Wayne’. More images from the film shoot are available via Hollywood Pipeline.

You can also watch chilling footage taken from the shoot here.

Director Todd Phillips has been teasing fans by drip-feeding shots of Phoenix: first sharing an image as Arthur Fleck (the Joker’s real name), entirely free of the elaborate make-up that the character usually sports. This was followed by a camera test of Joaquin Phoenix in full Joker make-up.

As well as Phoenix, the film will also star Robert DeNiro as a talk show host who plays an instrumental role in the Joker’s development. Other major players include Zazie Beetz, who stars as a single mother who becomes mysteriously involved with the Joker.


Last month, Phoenix directly responded to critics who hit out at his forthcoming portrayal of the character.

Joker is set for release on October 4 2019.

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