Jodie Foster to direct an episode of ‘Black Mirror’ next year

The actress will be involved in the fourth season of the dystopian show in 2017

Jodie Foster will direct an episode of Black Mirror next year.

The Charlie Brooker-created anthology series, which explores the darker side of technological advancement, is set to premiere its third season on Netflix tomorrow (October 21). It marks the first time that the show has not been shown on Channel 4, with all six episodes of the new season being available to watch on the streaming platform from tomorrow.

As BBC News reports, Brooker is already recruiting names for the fourth season, which will air around this time next year. The writer took to his Twitter account today to confirm a Variety article that reported that Foster would direct an episode that will also star Rosemarie DeWitt – who is set to make an appearance in an episode of the upcoming third season of the show.

See Brooker’s tweet below.

Foster’s recent foray into directing include the films The Beaver and Money Monster, while she also directed an episode of House of Cards in 2014.

In an new interview, Brooker also revealed some of the technical tricks that almost made it into the latest series of Black Mirror.

Asked if there were any innovations involved in the filming of the new season of Black Mirror, Brooker replied: “You could potentially break the fourth wall or randomise scenes, so that different people would watch what was fundamentally the same episode, but with a different ending or slight plot variations.”