Joe Jonas says wife Sophie Turner inspired his reunion with brothers

The Jonas Brothers recently released their first material in over 5 years

Joe Jonas has revealed that his wife Sophie Turner inspired him to reunite with his brothers and release new material.

Jonas Brothers returned earlier this year with their comeback single, ‘Sucker‘. It marked their first music since 2013, when the pop siblings made “a unanimous decision” to split up to focus on other projects.

Opening up about the group going their separate ways, Jonas has explained in a new interview that he was left “wounded” over the split and found it difficult to move on.

“I couldn’t even play one of our songs on stage with DNCE [Jonas’ other band]…even just to nod to the past,” he told Harpers Bazaar.

Discussing how Turner’s strong relationship with her own family prompted him to settle his differences with his brothers, Jonas added: “It encouraged me to see she had such a great relationship with her brothers.

“That was really a big thing for me to be able to look at, and say, ‘I gotta get my shit together.’”

Earlier this year, Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones‘ Sansa Stark) revealed that Jonas had to sign an NDA to promise not to reveal any plot details of GoT‘s final season.

“Joe was on the set most of the time so he kind of figured it out and he was like, ‘Can you fill me [in]?’ and he signed an NDA and everything so it’s all good.”