John Oliver’s cutting take on Theresa May and Brexit is banned on UK television – but you can watch it here

Oliver's scathing take has been shared on Twitter

John Oliver’s cutting take on Prime Minister Theresa May is now available to watch in the UK.

Banned from being shown on UK television, Oliver’s scathing takedown has now been widely shared on social media.

In the clip, Oliver shows May being ridiculed in the House of Commons and says: “Holy shit! They’ve just laughed in her face at the concept of this going well!”

You can watch the full clip below:

Later in the clip, Oliver adds: “Even the person who negotiated the deal resigned because of how bad it is…that is crazy!”

It is against the law in the UK to use parliamentary footage for the purposes of satire.

Oliver commented on this in June during a Last Week Tonight episode, remarking: “This law is patently offensive”, adding that the black-out screen mechanism used to uphold it “is genuinely insane and frankly antidemocratic.” [via The Week].

John Oliver

Last week, Paloma Faith also criticised May and said she should “resign” over Brexit. 

Speaking exclusively to The Independent, Faith said the PM should admit that her career is over and admit that leaving the EU is a “mistake”.

Faith added: “I think the most brilliant, courageous thing for her to do would be to realise her career’s over and be the guy that says, ‘We’ve made a mistake, really sorry, it’s not possible. I’m going to implement a law that means this cannot be reversed within the next 10 years’…Then step down.

“It’d be the non-egotistical thing to do. At the moment she’s running the risk of her only legacy being that she made a shitshow of the situation.”

Meanwhile, Damon Albarn has backed a “forum led by the public, not politicians” to solve the Brexit deadlock in a letter to The Guardian.

“Looking on, we cannot see how a majority can be found for any proposition in parliament: some want to remain, some want no deal, some want Norway, some want to vote again,” reads the letter on The Guardian. “The same rifts exist across the UK. Anger and resentment are growing, splitting families, communities and our country.

“Without a new intervention, the toxic culture which has infected public life will irrevocably damage democracy and the future for us all,” it continues.

“Brexit has come to test the patience of the British public. To make progress we should instead trust their wisdom and use it to resolve our differences, deepen our democracy and unite us all.”

Other people to support the suggestion include Rowan Williams, Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Jonathan Coe, Ian McEwan, Caitlin Moran and leading academics.