John Woo to make 3D English-language version of ‘The Killer’

Hong Kong director updating breakthrough hit

John Woo is set to remake The Killer – the film that launched his career as a Hollywood director.

Released in 1989, the film was the most successful Hong Kong movie in America since Bruce Lee‘s Enter The Dragon.

The movie told the story of an assassin’s last hit. American films the action specialist Woo made in its wake include Mission: Impossible 2 and Face/Off.

The new version of The Killer will be shot in 3D and is set to be directed by John H Lee, reports the Independent. It will star Jung Woo-Sung, while Woo will take a producer role.

“While all my films are special to me, The Killer is truly one of my favorites,” Woo said.

He added: “We are thrilled to reinvent it as an English-language film and know it’s in capable hands by the incredible visual style and tender emotion John H Lee brings to all his films.”