Johnny Depp made ‘The Rum Diaries’ as promise to Hunter S Thompson

Movie star reveals pledge to late music journalist

Johnny Depp has said that he made The Rum Diaries as a promise to Hunter S Thompson.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean star played music journalist Thompson in the adaptation of his memoir Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas and the pair became close. Depp will now star in a version of Thompson‘s latter work The Rum Diaries, due for release on October 28.

He told the Radio Times how the project began life: “I remember when I unearthed the manuscript out of a box in his basement. He didn’t know where it was and i pulled it out and was like, ‘Jesus Christ’. We read it together at three in the morning and it was, ‘We should do this together’, but Hunter didn’t exactly fill his end of the deal. I guess he had other things to do.

Depp continued: “Each day on set we had this ritual [to honour Thompson‘s memory]. Hunter would have his own chair and he had a script with his name on it, the whole thing, and we would put a pack of Dunhills on a little table by the side, a bottle of Chivas, his favourite drink, and a tumbler full of ice.

“And each morning we’d dunk our fingers in the tumbler and dab a little Chivas on our necks, like a sort of Hunter cologne, take a sip and then off to work we went. We did that every morning, so Hunter was always there. It was good.”