Johnny Depp to play detective trying to solve Tupac and Notorious BIG murders

Detective Russell Poole believed LAPD were implicated in the killings

Johnny Depp is to play a detective trying to solve the murders of Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG in a new film based on their killings.

Detective Russell Poole is a real-life police officer who investigated the murders of the hip-hop musicians. After investigating the cases, he believed that rogue officers within his own Los Angeles Police Department were responsible for the deaths.

BIG’s mother Voletta Wallace used Poole’s findings as the basis for a claim against the LAPD, who sued the city of Los Angeles in 2005. Her case was eventually dismissed five years later in 2010.


Depp’s movie Labyrinth is based on a book of the same name, written by investigative journalist Randall Sullivan. It will be directed by Brad Furman, who has also directed Bryan Cranston’s new FBI thriller The Investigator.

Poole’s theory that “gangsta cops” were behind Shakur and BIG’s murders has been discredited by several legal sources, including official police investigator Greg Kading. After Poole’s claims were made public, Kading investigated the killings in 2006. He said that rival gangs, not police officers, were responsible.

Labyrinth is the first film starring Depp to be announced following his divorce from Amber Heard in August, when he agreed to pay £5.3m to two charities nominated by the actress.