Johnny Hallyday’s children to contest will that left them nothing

The French musician died in December

Two of Johnny Hallyday’s children are set to contest his will after discovering that he has left everything to his fourth wife, Laeticia Hallyday.

The French rock star, who died aged 74 of lung cancer on December 6, 2017, is survived by his wife of 21 years, with whom he had adopted two daughters from Vietnam.

His two other children, Laura Smet, 34, and her half-brother David Hallyday, 51, are understood to be contesting the will.

Smet, an actor, described herself as “stupefied and hurt” at the news that her father had left her nothing. “I would have preferred all this to stay with the family,” she added. “Unfortunately, in our family it’s like this.” Her lawyer said she had been left without a “souvenir, one of his guitars or motorbikes, not even the sleeve of the song [dedicated to her,] ‘Laura’.”

His fortune and rights to his music, of which 110 million records have been sold, will instead go to Laeticia and his two daughters, Jade and Joy. As the BBC reports, in the event of Laeticia’s death the estate will go only to Hallyday’s adopted children, not to David or Laura.

On his death in December last year, Laeticia said in a statement: “Johnny Hallyday has left us. I write these words without believing them. But yet, it’s true. My man is no longer with us. He left us tonight as he lived his whole life, with courage and dignity.”