‘Joker’ will be the first-ever R-rated live action ‘Batman’ movie

The only other 'Batman' film to receive such a rating was an animated movie, which was released in 2016

Joker is planned to be the first R-rated live-action Batman movie, the film’s director has announced.

Todd Phillips revealed the news this weekend on Instagram while sharing a haunting new photo of Joaquin Phoenix in the titular role.

“It will be rated R,” Phillips wrote, replying to a fan in the comments. “I’ve been asked this a lot. Just assumed people knew. Sorry.”

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Finishing touches.

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R, which stands for ‘Restricted’, is The Motion Picture Association of America’s second highest rating for movies. It means viewers who are aged under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian to watch the movie in question.

The only other film in the DC Extended Universe franchise to receive such a rating was 2016’s animated movie, Batman: The Killing Joke.

The Joker origin movie – not to be confused with the Jared Leto film of the same name, which looks to have been put on hold – is the first in a series of DC-based movies that are independent of the shared DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

It tells the story of the Joker (Phoenix) as a failed stand-up comedian who becomes a psychopathic criminal mastermind after going insane.


Joker is released in the UK on October 4, 2019.