‘Joker’ is now the most profitable comic book movie ever

As well as the highest grossing R-rated movie and biggest October box office opening

Joker has become the most profitable comic book movie of all time.

The new statistic is the latest in a long line of accolades the film is picking up – it’s already the highest grossing R-rated movie ever, and has racked up the biggest October box office opening.

As Forbes reports, Joker has made $304.2 million in North America in its first five weeks in cinemas, making $953 million globally.


The report believes that this number will rise to $957 million by tonight (November 8), making 15.3 times the money of its $62.5 million production budget.

It overtakes Jim Carrey’s The Mask ($351 million on a $23 million budget in 1994), Venom ($854 million on a $90 million budget), Batman ($411 million/$35 million), Deadpool ($783 million/$58 million) and more.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker
Why so sad? Joaquin Phoenix applies the famous Joker makeup

Joker star Joaquin Phoenix recently discussed the idea of a sequel to the hugely popular new story. “Long before the release or before we had any idea if it would be successful, we talked about sequels,” he said.

This comes after director Todd Phillips said that the quality of Phoenix’s striking performance meant that a follow-up could be on the cards.

“One thing I will tell you: I would do anything with [Phoenix], any day of the week,” he explained to Total Film. “There’s nobody like him.”


In NME‘s five-star ‘Joker’ review, Greg Wetherall described the film as an “instant classic”, declaring that “the DC Extended Universe have made a picture destined to challenge Marvel’s dominance.”