Jonah Hill reveals what Kanye West’s Wyoming listening party was like

The actor left a meeting to fly out to Jackson Hole

Jonah Hill has revealed what Kanye West‘s Wyoming listening party for ‘Ye‘ was like.

The rapper held an event in Jackson Hole to preview his latest album last month, which was attended by fans and celebrities. 

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Hill revealed he had received an email inviting him to the party while in a meeting. “We take a plane to Wyoming,” he said. “In the airport, it’s like us and 2 Chainz and Fabolous. It was really an epic, legendary thing. We get to this hotel – it’s the nicest hotel you’ve ever seen, but it’s like mad couples on their honeymoons. So it’s like couples on their honeymoons and Tity Boi and Charlamagne. It was the craziest shit.”


Of the party itself, the actor said: “It was truly a beautiful experience. They had big speakers and everybody was moshing and going crazy. Nas is there and Chris Rock … The album was amazing and it was a beautiful experience. and he seemed happy, y’know?”

Attending the event did cause some trouble for Hill, though, who said his sister didn’t speak to him for a week because she didn’t agree with supporting West after his recent controversies, including wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

“To me, it just felt like a bad Andy Kaufman swing and a miss,” Hill explained. “Like, I don’t bail on people right away. People fuck up and do stupid stuff. You shouldn’t bail on everybody right away. This guy’s given me so much. He’s my guy.”

Meanwhile, author Bret Easton Ellis has revealed that West wanted to make pornographic videos to promote ‘The Life Of Pablo’. Although they never came to fruition, Ellis said he had had a meeting with the rapper recently about turning them into a movie.


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