Josh Homme soundtracks neo-Nazi revenge film, ‘In The Fade’

Homme is working on the film that shares the name as his 'Rated R' track.

Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age fame has scored and soundtracked a new film called ‘In The Fade’ that premiered this week at the Cannes Film Festival.

As Variety reports, the film is directed by German filmmaker Fatih Akin. ‘In The Fade’ is a drama that follows a woman who takes revenge after her son and husband are murdered by the neo-Nazis of the National Socialist Underground group.

Akin revealed why Homme ended up scoring the picture. He said, “That was a big surprise. When I was writing this, I was listening to a lot of music by Queens of the Stone Age. I had the feeling that this could be the music that the character was listening to, it has a self-destructive attitude and somehow the film is about self-destruction.”


The singer-songwriter was very receptive to the film. “I sent him a very early version of the film. He immediately called back saying he loved it and was blown away and that he would like to put his hands on it,” Akin revealed. “We phoned maybe four or five times, sent 10 emails back and forth and then I had the music. It was a very uncomplicated, fast and very clean process of working.”

It must be happy coincidence that the film shares the name with a track on Queens of The Stone Ages’ ‘Rated R’.

Watch the trailer for ‘In The Fade’ below.

Recently, Homme spoke about the follow-up to Queens’ ‘…Like Clockwork’. Josh described the new album as “uptempo” and “risky” while also stating the group’s aim to make it their “best” yet.

All we know is that the new release is “‘mixed and finished” and that it won’t feature any special guests. The band  also recently posted an image on their social media accounts along with the words ‘Twenty Five’, possibly hinting at the name of the new album.