Judd Apatow working on ‘Knocked Up’ spin-off

Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann to revive their quarrelling characters

Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann are to reprise their roles as the bickering couple from hit comedy Knocked Up, in a spin-off film written and directed by Judd Apatow, who directed the film.

It’s not the first time Apatow has taken a character from one movie to create a spin-off. Russell Brand‘s Forgetting Sarah Marshall rock star character Aldous Snow had his own stand-alone movie: last year’s Get Him to the Greek.

The new film is as-yet untiled, but is due to be released in 2012, reports Variety magazine. It’s not clear if Katherine Heigl and Seth RogenKnocked Up‘s main stars – will appear in the new film yet.

2007’s Knocked Up saw Rogen and Heigl play a mismatched couple coping with parenthood after Heigl conceived on the duo’s one-night stand. Mann played Heigl‘s disapproving sister.