The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas gave John Mulaney his trench coat as a ‘SNL’ parting gift

The Strokes singer also left a pair of sunglasses as a token

Julian Casablancas gifted John Mulaney with a trench coat and pair of sunglasses he wore on Saturday Night Live.

The stand-up comedian, who hosted the show for the fourth time last week (October 31), told Seth Meyers that the Strokes frontman let him keep the coat he wore onstage as the band performed.

Mulaney wore the coat while being interviewed by Myers, and explained how he was given it after a conversation with Casablancas when they shot promo clips together.


“I said, ‘That’s a really cool jacket, I gotta get that jacket,’” he said, hoping Casablancas would tell him where he could buy one. “But that didn’t happen, that’s alright,” he added.

“So after the show, [Julian] came into my dressing room and was like, ‘So you want a jacket?’ And he gave me this one. And he gave me a leather jacket.”

John Mulaney then added, pointing to the jacket: “But… there’s nothing I can do with this,” standing up to show the loose fit. “But I enjoy it so much… it’s so meant for a lead singer.”

Watch the full interview here:

Explaining how he also found a pair of red sunglasses in the pocket, Mulaney then said: “When I got home, I looked through the pockets and I found these,” he added, pulling them out. “I texted him a photo and said, ‘Hey, you left these, do you want me to have someone drop them off?’ He said ‘you keep them, man.’”


Mulaney shared a post on Instagram of Casablancas at the door of his dressing room, while he was stood wearing the coat in question. He wrote: “At 1 am, when the night couldn’t possibly get any better, Julian gave me his trench that he wore onstage and I acted like I wasn’t crying.”

Commenting on the unlikely look, Meyers told Mulaney: “You look like a kid in a teen movie, like it’s his first time at a party.”

The Strokes’ performance on SNL, meanwhile, saw them performing ‘The Adults Are Talking’ and ‘Bad Decisions. 

It marked the group’s fourth appearance on Saturday Night Live and their first in nine years on the show.