Justin Bieber ‘faces arrest in Argentina’ over alleged photographer beating

The pop singer's lawyers are reportedly planning to appeal the indictment.

Justin Bieber has reportedly been indicted in Argentina over an alleged 2013 incident involving a photographer.

The pop singer is accused of ordering his bodyguards to beat up the photographer, TMZ reports, before stealing his money and property.

The reported indictment means that Bieber could be arrested on sight if he is seen in Argentina. He is due to bring his Purpose World Tour to South America in March, but has yet to announce any shows in Argentina. In May he told fans that “legal conditions” are preventing him from playing there.


TMZ also reports that Bieber’s lawyers are planning to appeal the indictment.


Last year (2015), a warrant was issued for Bieber’s arrest in Argentina. The judge who issued the warrant said that the singer had failed to respond to a summons which related to an incident in 2013, when Bieber was accused of assault by a photographer.

Also in 2013, Bieber apologised on Twitter for apparently disgracing Argentina’s national flag – an offence which can be punished with a prison sentence of up to four years.

Meanwhile, Bieber has recently been criticised by animal rights organisation PETA after he was seen in public wearing a large fur coat. The organisation branded him a “caveman” for his controversial sartorial choice.

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