Katy Perry speaks out about the Orlando Bloom naked paddleboard photos

Perry tried to discourage the actor from stripping off in front of the beach-goers.

Katy Perry has spoken out for the first time about the infamous photos of Orlando Bloom naked on a paddleboard with the singer.

Back in August 2016, the Pirates of The Carribean actor made front page news when he was photographed naked with ex-girlfriend Katy Perry.

Earlier this year, Bloom said of the experience: “We’d been completely alone for five days. Nothing around us. There was no way anyone could get anything. So I had a moment of feeling free… What can I tell you? Note to self: you’re never free”.

However, Perry has now shared her side of the story speaking to Kyle and Jackie O from a morning show in Australia.

She said that Bloom “asked me if I wanted to be [naked] and I was like, ‘ah no…’”, the singer continued “you know when you’re dating someone sometimes, it’s exciting to be like, ‘Oh, should we try and make out over here in this place’ or what have you, and I was just not in the mood. I saved it for the boat”.

Perry noted that Bloom wasn’t as well-versed on the nature of social media attention saying: “He wanted to show off for the people on the shore. He thought it was funny!”

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“Oh oh, it was SO funny because I was explaining Twitter and social media to him for weeks because he had taken a break and then all of a sudden he was like trending number one on Twitter”.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

Speaking about the high-profile break-up from the actor, Perry spoke about on Twitter, writing: “How bout a new way of thinking for 2017!? U can still b friends & love ur former partners! No one’s a victim or a villain, get a life y’all!