Keanu Reeves reveals 3D plans for ‘The Matrix 4’ and ‘5’

Wachowski brothers after James Cameron's advice over 3D technology

Keanu Reeves has revealed that plans are underway for two more sequels to The Matrix.

The actor, who appears as lead character Neo in the first three movies in the franchise, told that he and the writers of the sci-fi franchise, Andy and Larry Wachowski, have discussed the possibility of shooting the two new sequels in 3D.

It is believed the Wachowskis are seeking 3D filmmaking advice from Avatar creator James Cameron, who with that film helped repopularise the medium.

Reeves said they were keen to deliver something which has “never been seen” and would “truly transform” the action movie genre.

The films won’t be coming any time soon. The Wachowskis are looking to complete new movie Cloud Atlas before thinking any more about continuing The Matrix series.