Kelsey Grammer is spotted holding a ‘Frasier’ script sparking rumours of a reunion

Could it finally be happening?

Kelsey Grammer has been spotted holding what appears to be a new Frasier script, sparking rumours that either a reunion or a reboot of the hit 90’s television show may now be imminent.

The popular US sitcom – a spin-off to Cheers – ran for 11 seasons from 1993 to 2004 and won a record 37 Emmys – including Outstanding Comedy Series.

A picture of Grammer holding a script was captured by TMZ. It showed Grammer in London holding a folder marked Frasier alongside the logo of Grammer’s own production company, Gramnet.

Last year, Grammer expressed his hopes at getting the show’s full cast to return for its reboot, revealing that “they seem to” be on board.

Reports emerged that Grammer, who was starring in the new Netflix comedy, Like Father, was “exploring” the possibility of a reboot of the hit TV series and was at the stage of “meeting with writers who [were] pitching different concepts.” However, he later said the rumours were “a little premature.”

According to The GuardianGrammer confirmed that he had “talked about a couple of ideas…kicked around where the therapist might live now and what relationship could anchor the show” now that the actor who played Frasier’s cantankerous father, John Mahoney, had passed away.

John Mahoney with the cast of Frasier

John Mahoney with the cast of Frasier

Grammer said it would be a “failure” to consider making a new show unless it could be better than the original. He said: “It would be be quite a breathtaking failure to try to do it and not do it better than the previous show – and I think that’s almost impossible.

“To pick up that responsibility would be a very brave thing to do. And you know, maybe I don’t have the courage.”

Grammer first player Crane in Cheers when he appeared in season 3 of the show. Frasier was later created as a Cheers spin-off with the character moving from Boston to Seattle under the premise of reconnecting with his father, Martin – played by the late British actor John Mahoney – and brother Niles – played by David Hyde.

The show also starred Jane Leaves who played Martin’s assistant and Niles’ love interest in the show as Daphne, and Peri Gilpin who starred as Roz, Frasier’s radio producer.