Kevin Spacey releases new statement following sexual misconduct allegations

'House Of Cards' actor has been at the centre of a number of allegations

Kevin Spacey has released a statement saying he is seeking treatment following allegations of sexual misconduct.

It comes after the House Of Cards actor was recently accused of making sexual advances towards Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp when he was 14, US filmmaker Tony Montana and Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos.

In a statement, a representative for Spacey said: ”Kevin Spacey is taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment. No other information is available at this time.”


Following the first allegations that came out earlier this week involving Rapp, Spacey responded in a statement, saying that he did not recall the incident but that he was “sorry for the feelings [Rapp] describes having carried with him all these years”.

He also addressed “stories” about his personal life, confirming that he now “lives as a gay man”. Spacey’s statement was criticised by LGBTQ organisations, with some campaigners arguing that his coming out was an attempt to “deflect” from the allegations.

Kevin Spacey

Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos – who acted in several plays at London’s Old Vic theatre, where Spacey served as artistic director between 2004 and 2015 – also then made claims. In a Facebook post, Cavazos alleged that Spacey “routinely preyed” on young male actors. “There are a lot of us who have a ‘Kevin Spacey story’,” he wrote, adding: “It seems the only requirement was to be a male under the age of 30 for Mr Spacey to feel free to touch us.” Cavazos went on to claim that he fended off two “unpleasant” advances from Spacey that “bordered on harassment”.

London’s Old Vic has since set up a confidential complaints process for any individuals who wish to come forward. It said in a statement: “Inappropriate behaviour by anyone working at The Old Vic is completely unacceptable. We aim to foster a safe and supportive environment without prejudice, harassment or bullying of any sort, at any level… We want our employees to feel confident, valued and proud to be part of The Old Vic family. Any behaviour we become aware of which contravenes these goals will not be tolerated.”

Following the initial allegations against Spacey, Netflix confirmed that season 6 of House Of Cards would be its last and has suspended production on the hit show.

  • For help, advice or more information regarding sexual assault and rape in the UK, visit the Rape Crisis charity website. In the US, visit RAINN.