Kevin Spacey responds to claims House Of Cards ‘steals’ ideas from Trump and real life

Spacey also aims a zinger at the real-life President.

House Of Cards star Kevin Spacey has spoken about similarities between real-life events and things that happen in the show.

Some viewers have suggested that the show’s writers ‘borrow’ ideas from the real-life US political arena, especially since Donald Trump was sworn in as President earlier this year.

The lines between fiction and real-life were also blurred last month when the official House of Cards Twitter account tweeted at Prime Minister Theresa May.


“We’ve never felt an obligation to compete with the real world,” Spacey said on The One Show last night (June 20). “We believe that we’re an alternate universe – we’re the alternative reality president, as opposed to the reality television president.”

Spacey added: “Some time between when we shoot [the episodes] and then the series drops, one or two or three or five or six things that we adventured in and described and played happen in the real world. And we always say, ‘People are gonna think that we stole it from the headlines’, but actually it’s the other way round.”

Spacey’s co-star Robin Wright recently joked about Trump ruining potential House Of Cards storylines, saying: “Trump has stolen all of our ideas for season 6, I don’t what we’re gonna do.”