KFC have produced limited edition fried chicken scented candle

Let the colonel into your home and nostrils

KFC have announced a new limited edition scented candle – allowing you to fill your home with the smell of fried chicken.

“What better way to light up your nights than with a limited edition KFC Scented Candle?” asked the chicken chain over in New Zealand, who are giving the limited run of candles away via Instagram as part of a Christmas advent calendar campaign.

To be in with a chance of winning one, all you have to do is comment on the photo to suggest another piece of KFC merchandise that you’d like to see.


This isn’t the first time that KFC have released unusual products. Earlier this year they also unveiled a chicken-scented sun screen.

“Suntan lotion always smells like lotion,” KFC CMO Kevin Hochman told Business Insider. “So we thought — why not make it smell like fried chicken?”

He added: “These scents bring up these memories,” often of childhood visits to KFC, Hochman says. “We think that idea is why the sunscreen will catch on.”


But that’s not all – as KFC Hong Kong also unveiled this edible nail polish, announcing it with a bizarre music video. Check it out below and see if you’re any more convinced afterwards…


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