‘Kick-Ass’ director to make new movie ‘Bloodshot’?

Matthew Vaughn rumoured to be setting sights on Mafia comic

Director Matthew Vaughn could be set to follow up Kick-Ass

with another dark comic-book adventure – this time about a Mafia killer.

Latino Review are quoting a “trusted source” that says the deal is already done, with Kick-Ass screenwriter Jane Goldman – wife of TV presenter Jonathan Ross – penning the script.

Bloodshot, from Valiant Comics, appears to be just as unconventional as Kick-Ass. Based on a former mob killer who is double-crossed and murdered, he finds himself revived by the FBI, nanites pumped into his body to make him almost indestructible, and his memory wiped.

According to the source, Bloodshot will shun major studio backing, like Kick-Ass, with Vaughn once again financing the film himself.

They report that casting could take place in late summer, but as yet there is no official confirmation of the report.