Kick-Ass will ‘copy’ other superhero films admits director

Matthew Vaughn says adaptation of cult comic will pay homage to 'Spider-Man' and 'Batman'

The adaptation of Mark Miller’s graphic novel Kick-Ass will copy from a host of comic book-based films, director Matthew Vaughn has admitted.

The movie will tell the story of a crime-fighting boy with no real super-powers, just a lot of will power, and Vaughn told ScifiWire that in some instances they had cribbed notable scenes from other films almost like-for-like.

Spider-Man we tried to do shot-by-shot, but we couldn’t afford to put a crane up there,” Vaughn said. “Literally every scene we were taking things from movies we’d seen before. The Mist-mobile is literally from Tim Burton‘s Batman. The jetpack is actually meant to be the X-Wing fighter shooting the Death Star [from Star Wars].”

He added that along with the film adaptations, the flick will also pay homage to the orginal comics themselves, with the lead character name-checking several publications and their creators during scenes set in a comic book store.

Brian K Vaughan, who does Runaways, is a good pal of mine, and Mike Mignola is a guy that we’ve known for years,” said Vaughn of some of the names mentioned. “It was funny, in that comic store, all the books that were up front were all the people we like, and all the guys we hate, we put them in the back.”

Kick-Ass is released on April 2 in the UK.