Here’s why Kanye West refused to attend the MET Gala

This is the first time since 2013 that West hasn't attended the Gala's red carpet.

Kanye West refused to attend the Met Gala after a headline storm involving Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney in Mexico.

As The Daily Mirror report, West has walked the red carpet every year since 2013 with his wife. However, in a dramatic fashion, Kanye chose to snub the gala and stay in LA.

Kanye was reportedly angered by some explicit photos of his wife Kim on the beach. As The Sun report, a friend close to the couple revealed that “Kanye has helped turned Kim into a fashion icon and he feels those pictures with Kourtney have made her look cheap, damaging her brand.”


“Their behaviour completely detracted from Kim’s current standing in the industry.”

However, an alternative source told People magazine that Kanye West still isn’t prepared to return to the spotlight after his hospitalisation last year.

They said, “it had nothing to do with the Met Gala. It was more about the stress and pressure of a big red carpet. He just wasn’t quite there yet. Kanye has been doing okay. He’s made a lot of good progress and is in a much better place.”

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Recently, West scored some serious dad points by dressing up as the Easter Bunny for his family’s Easter party back in April. A photo captioned “Dadye” appeared on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram over the holiday weekend.


Aziz Ansari, an open fan and friend of West, has reeled off his official ranking of Kanye West’s albums in the quick-fire Q&A segment.

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