King Krule previews new music in teaser video and reveals that he wrote for Frank Ocean

Archy Marshall is ramping up to something big...

King Krule has shared a new teaser video over Facebook featuring new music and revealed what happened during his alleged collaboration with Frank Ocean.

The minute-long clip is titled ‘Bermondsey Bosom’ and includes a mix of video footage of bicycles, council estates and Archy Marshall releasing a red balloon into the air.

Watch the footage below.

The instrumental playing below is coupled with a narrator reading in Spanish. The words said are the same that some fans found in their post as King Krule posted some unmarked promotional material, including a cryptic poster, randomly last week to fans.

See what the packages contained below.

In a forthcoming interview with Pitchfork, Archy Marshall has revealed that he briefly spoke about collaborating with Frank Ocean when the artist visited Marshall in London.

“His work rate’s crazy; he creates album after album.” King Krule said: “I don’t know what goes through his head. He’s a different kind of cat. He came down and he wanted me to do something for his record, but I don’t think he liked it”.

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Back in June, King Krule debuted a brand new song called ‘The Locomotive’ while playing Primavera Sound. Archy Marshall announced that it will appear on his upcoming full-length album.

King Krule released his debut album titled ‘6 Feet Benearth The Moon’ back in 2013. However, the singer-songwriter did release a project with his brother Jack titled ‘A New Place 2 Drown’ last year.