Kirsten Dunst given Cannes ‘Best Actress’ award for Lars Von Trier’s ‘Melancholia’

Actress thanks festival for not banning controversial director's film

Kirsten Dunst thanked the Cannes Film Festival for not banning her Lars Von Trier movie Melancholia, after winning the Best Actress Award.

Von Trier was banned from the festival and deemed “persona non grata” after commenting that he sympathised with Hitler at the film’s press conference last week.

But as the festival reached its climax, Dunst received the Actress honour for her performance. And she took the opportunity to try to stem the controversy, according to

She said: “This is an honour that’s once in a lifetime. Thank you to the Cannes Film Festival for allowing the film to still be in competition.”

She went on to thank her disgraced director, saying: “I want to thank Lars for giving me the opportunity to be so brave in this film. It’s such a special night for me.”

Von Trier initially claimed to be proud of his ban, but later apologised.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt vehicle The Tree Of Life was given the coveted Palm d’Or award at the festival.