Koch Media announces Prime Matter with ‘Payday 3’ and more

Koch tease

Prime Matter, a new publishing label that has spun out of Koch Media, has announced itself to the world at the same time as unveiling a variety of games including Payday 3, Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2, a new Painkiller game and more.

Prime Matter will operate out of Koch’s headquarters in Munich. The twelve games released today are:

  • Payday 3 (coming in 2023)
  • King’s Bounty II (a turn-based strategy game coming in August)
  • Encased (a ‘classic’ Fallout-style RPG due in September)
  • Scars Above (a sci-fi action game due in 2022)
  • Project: Echoes of the End (a third-person action-adventure game using Unreal Engine 5)
  • Echoes of the End (working title)
  • Dolmen (a third-person action RPG due in 2022)
  • Final Form (a post-cyberpunk FPS with 3-player co-op)
  • The Chant (an action horror coming in 2022)
  • Gungrave G.O.R.E. (a third-person action shooter releasing in 2022)
  • The Last Oricru (an action RPG coming in 2022)
  • Crossfire: Legion (a futuristic RTS due in 2022)
  • A new game in the Painkiller series

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Payday 3 follows the franchise for more heist-themed gameplay and is set for a 2023 release. Windows Central reports that the narrative built through the previous two entries will be continued in the third entry.

Also displayed is confirmation that another Painkiller game is in the works, which Prime Matter has promised more information shortly.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was also shown, fueling speculation that a sequel to the 2018 game is on the way. While the original was considered fairly buggy, it was popular for its realistic gameplay and ‘simulation’ of medieval life.

Prime Gaming has confirmed that more will be news will be shared during their E3 slot on June 11.

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