‘La La Land’ producer talks Oscars Best Picture mix-up

Justin Horowitz took it upon himself to announce that 'Moonlight' had actually won

Justin Horowitz, the La La Land producer caught up in last night’s Best Picture chaos at the Oscars, has discussed the incident further.

La La Land was initially mistakenly named as Best Picture over ‘Moonlight‘ at the Oscars 2017The incident saw Warren Beaty and Faye Dunaway, who were announcing the winner, being given the wrong envelope, one containing the winner of the previous category (Emma Stone, ‘La La Land’ for Best Actress). Halfway through, it was corrected that Moonlight were in fact the winners – sending viewers and attendees into a frenzy.

Amid the chaos, Horowitz took it upon himself to announce that Moonlight had actually won. Speaking to ABC News, Horowitz said: “It was a surreal moment, for sure. But I wanted to make sure the right thing was done. At that point it was not about me, it was about making sure Moonlight got the recognition it really deserves. Those guys are my friends and I wanted to make sure they had their moment.”


He added: “There was a lot of confusion onstage, and at a certain point it was clear that the wrong envelope had been given,” Horowitz said. “Then they kind of showed us the Best Picture envelope and it said Moonlight, that’s when I jumped to the mic and made sure everybody knew what was going on and showed the card, because people needed clarity in that moment.”

Horowitz also described seeing the Moonlight crew at the Oscars after-party: “They’ve become really close friends of mine. We shared a moment and gave each other a hug, one that was real. We congratulated each other on our work and put it all behind us.”

Watch the incident again below: