Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson respond to Patrick Carney’s Josh Homme diss

Black Keys' drummer said Homme's guitar-playing on Gaga's new single sounds "shitty"

Lady Gaga and Mark Ronson have both responded to Patrick Carney’s criticism of Josh Homme’s guitar-playing on Perfect Illusion.

Asked by VICE News Tonight to review Gaga’s single, which was co-produced by Ronson and features Homme on guitar, Black Keys’ drummer Carney said: “I’m lost because the guitar at the top of it sounds so shitty. It’s like ‘Eye Of The Tiger’, but not even nearly as good as that. It sounds like Hulk Hogan is playing the fucking guitar.”

Carney did not mention Homme by name, so it is very possible he didn’t realise the Queens Of The Stone Age frontman played on the single.

Responding to Pitchfork‘s story about the criticism, Ronson tweeted earlier tonight (October 18): “I also remember my good friend @patrickcarney sitting in my living room, hearing uptown funk and telling me it wouldn’t work.”

He added in a follow-up tweet: “I must repeat @patrickcarney is my brother tho.”

Meanwhile, in a reply to Ronson, Gaga implied that Carney’s guitar-playing is no match for Homme’s or that of Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, who also appears on the track.

She wrote: “he’s not as snarky as I would be watching him in a guitar death-match w Kevin Parker and Josh F☠️cking Homme.”

Watch the ‘Perfect Illusion’ video below.