Lars Ulrich speaks about “reconnecting” with Metallica bandmates on Beats 1 Radio Show

As a part of his new Beats 1 radio show ‘It’s Electric’, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich interviewed three members of the metal band in a personal playlist radio show.

Ulrich interviewed James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo for his Apple Music radio show. He spoke to his Metallica cohorts about their musical upbringing and asked them to bring a personal playlist for an hour long show.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Ulrich said of the experience: “I listened to Kirk’s episode yesterday, and it’s definitely unlike anything that Metallica fans have ever heard”

Watch the teaser for Ulrich’s ‘It’s Electric’ show below.

“[James Hetfield] cast the net very wide with his playlist, so it goes from Iron Maiden to the Beatles to John Coltrane to Radiohead. “

“I’m not gonna bullshit you,” Ulrich continued. “We don’t sit around and necessarily have conversations about John Coltrane on a day-to-day basis. So it’s fun for me to reconnect with all the fellas again in that intimate setting and talk music one-on-one.”

The band are known to travel in separate vehicles to-and-from venues and keep to themselves in the times between shows or meet and greets. Hetfield even once admitted that ““The band can still pretty much fall apart at any moment”.

“It’s not something that happens a lot, since we’ve all got families and there are people around. So it was very cool.”

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