Lena Dunham releases celebrity-spoofing, pro-Hillary rap video for ‘Sensual Pantsuit Anthem’

The song, while an endorsement for the Democratic candidate, also sends up the notion of celebrity endorsements

Lena Dunham has shared the video for ‘Sensual Pantsuit Anthem’, a song that parodies public celebrity endorsements while actively endorsing Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House.

With the race for the US Presidency set to conclude next Tuesday (November 8), Dunham has collaborated with Funny Or Die for the new video to further strengthen her support of the Clinton campaign.

Speaking to Vulture about the concept behind the “rapped music” video, Dunham elaborated on her rapping persona in the video, MC Pantsuit.


“I’m like a crazed Hillary Clinton fan, and wondered what it would be like if I took this character one step further, to the most delusional Hillary Clinton fan,” the Girls creator said. “She’s MC Pantsuit and [she] wears a sensual pantsuit. I liked the idea of a well-meaning, ridiculous white girl who thinks she’s helping the election by exposing her body and writing thoughtless rap music.”

But Dunham also clarified that the video intended to spoof the idea of celebrity advocacy.

“There are so many PSAs at this point, so it’s fun to take a step back and go, ‘How many of these are working?'” she said. “We should all be doing our part, but are they necessarily the smartest way that we can be going about it? We have so many of these celebrity straight-to-camera addresses.

“The idea of this video is equivalent to when on the TV show Rich Girls the girls wanted to drop mattresses on Africa. It doesn’t quite work as an idea. Some of these PSAs are well meaning and they come from a place of deeply not wanting Donald Trump to be president, but they don’t quite work. I feel like it’s really important to unify and to not think your celebrity voice is going to do the job all on its own. This is in some way a commentary on that.”

Watch the video for ‘Sensual Pantsuit Anthem’ below.


Back in October, Jenni Konner – a frequent collaborator on Girls – alleged that Dunham was sexually harassed by a TV boss.

“This is fairly common behaviour with strangers and Lena,” Konner claimed in Dunham’s online newsletter, Lenny Letter. “In my most generous moments, I can see their nervousness, their familiarity with her frank sexual work, and their desire to make a connection.”