Lenny Kravitz joins the cast of ‘The Hunger Games’

Rock star flexes his acting muscles in the new futuristic teen drama

Lenny Kravitz has been cast in new futuristic teen movie The Hunger Games.

The adaptation of the hit novel series, which sees a young girl join a survival contest in order to save her community in a dystopian future, is being touted as a potential franchise in the vein of The Twilight Saga.

Now the rock star has joined the cast alongside British actor Toby Jones.

Kravitz is to play Cinna, a rebellious stylist and confidant for the heroine Katniss who designs her dramatic ‘Girl On Fire’ costume for the ’74th Annual Hunger Games Telecast’, according to Deadline.com.

Director Gary Ross said: “When I saw Lenny‘s work in Precious I was just knocked out. It was quiet and strong and understated and open-hearted; all qualities which define this character.”

Jones will play the host of the games, alongside Stanley Tucci. The two names join a cast that already includes Elizabeth Banks, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson and Jack Quaid.

The Hunger Games is due for release in March next year.