Leonardo DiCaprio calls new film ‘Inception’ ‘ambitious’

Lead actor speaks about collaboration with 'Dark Knight' director

Leonardo DiCaprio has called Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan’s new film Inception “very ambitious” and “like a giant therapy session”.

The film has so far been deliberately shrouded in mystery, but DiCaprio, who plays a master criminal in the highly anticipated surreal thriller, has spoken about his role in the film.

“It’s a very ambitious film. I think Chris Nolan tried to pull off a multi-dimensional narrative set within the subconscious of the human mind, and also provide an extremely entertaining thriller on a grand Hollywood scale,” he said. “You’re dealing with surreal worlds and almost an existential film…. I looked at it like a giant therapy session for my character, this whole journey.”

When asked about preparation for the role, DiCaprio added: “I tried to do the traditional sort of approach to this movie, where I was reading up on dream analysis and the meanings of it, and at the end of the day, this is a very specific dream world that’s in the mind of Chris Nolan.”

Inception is released on July 16.

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