Lex Luthor solo movie reportedly in the works with villain as US president

Will there be another dark DC spin-off?

A film about Lex Luthor beyond the Superman universe is being considered in the wake of Warner Bros’ blockbuster DC Comics origins movie, Joker.

That’s according to Mikey Sutton – whom CheatSheet notes is “a credible comic book insider with a history of leaking accurate MCU [Marvel Cinematic Universe] and DCEU [DC Extended Universe] news”.

Sutton wrote on his invite-only Facebook page ‘Geekosity: All Things Pop Culture’ that Warner Bros. is considering making a film about Luthor as US president: “No Man of Steel; he’s pure fiction in this alternate universe,” Sutton wrote of the exclusion of Superman in the potential film.


“To WB, this has the potential of being a modern-day Citizen Kane. You see Luthor grow up from being an awkward intellectual kid to corrupt wealthy businessman to president of the United States. Slap on an R rating and leave the comic books behind but perhaps put a twist on the myth such as making Lois Lane his First Lady, but also the reporter who brings him down.”

Luthor has been played by a variety of actors in television series and DC films including Kevin Spacey in Superman Returns (2006) and Jesse Eisenberg in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Justice League (2017).

Elsewhere in the post Sutton said he’d spoken to the people responsibly for green-lighting such productions, who said that Warner Bros. are interested in such a movie – especially in the wake of the R-rated Joker.

As CheatSheet writes further, the DCEU can push out adult-themed R-rated films with heroes and villains unlike Disney who needs to keep Marvel films more family-friendly.


Joker smashed records over the weekend with takings of £93.5 million and becoming the highest October launch on record.

The Warner Bros. film is also the fourth-largest box office opening for an R-rated movie, falling marginally short of the $100 million scored by the likes of DeadpoolDeadpool 2 and It in their opening weekends.

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