Liam Gallagher on how Drew McConnell joined his band – and the time he met Pete Doherty

'Pete looked like my mic stand'

Liam Gallagher has hailed his bassist Drew McConnell as ‘fucking talented’, as well as recalling the time he met his Babyshambles bandmate Pete Doherty.

McConnell plays in Liam’s current solo band, alongside Kasabian’s touring guitarist Jay Mahler, Mike Moore on lead guitar, Dan McDougall on drums and Chris Madden on keys. Doherty said that he experienced ‘stressification’ after losing McConnell from Babyshambles to join Gallagher’s line-up. Now, Gallagher has praised McConnell’s talent and attitude.

“I’d never met Drew before and you know – he’s fucking talented,” Liam told NME. “He’s played with The La’s, Drew, so he’s obviously talented. To keep the fucking Babyshambles thing going he’s gotta be pretty headstrong, you know what I mean.”

“I met him and he seemed cool. He’s been very fucking laid back. There’s been no like ‘look, you’s lot – do ya fucking thing, here’s your numbers, go and fucking do it’.”

Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher

Asked about whether he has any contact or relationship with Pete Doherty, Gallagher replied: “No, I’ve only met him once, but that was years ago at the Forum when he was with…what are they called.. fucking, Libertines. It was just ‘hello, you’re really tall and that’. He looked like my mic stand.”

Gallagher also told NME about his relationship with former Oasis guitarist Bonehead, and he isn’t in his current solo band line-up.

After hitting out at his ‘beige boy’ brother Noel for recently supporting U2, Liam also responded to Olympic athlete Mo Farah mistaking the pair in a photo at the show.

Liam Gallagher releases his debut solo album ‘As You Were’ on October 6.