Liam Gallagher shares amazing anecdote about hanging out with Steve Coogan

Liam shares a story involving Tom Jones impressions, Guinness and Alan Partridge.

Liam Gallagher has revealed the details of a wild night he shared with comedian/actor Steve Coogan at a wedding back in the day.

Speaking to Noisey as a part of their ‘British Masters’ series, Gallagher shed some light on his TV viewing preferences which led to an eventful story about Steve Coogan.

“Love [The Trip]”, Gallagher remarked about Coogan and Rob Brydon’s comedy series. “Love Coogan. He just looks fucking… like he’s close to the bone”.

“Partied with him once, there was a wedding going on. Loads of people come in, they’re going like “Liam are you gonna sing ‘Wonderwall’?”.

“[Coogan’s] going ‘Leave him alone, I’ll fucking sing a song”, Gallagher continued. “He got up on stage and sung ‘It’s Not Unusual’ by Tom Jones” but fucking mega”.

Watch the clip of Liam Gallagher’s interview below.

Gallagher spoke of the next morning after a night heavy of “drinking Guinness” with Coogan.

“I wake up and see this lump in the bed and I go ‘Oh, God, Who’s this?”. And it was him and he was fully clothed and he’s gone [gesturing throwing the bedsheets off]… Ahaa!”.

In the full interview, Liam shared some pearls of wisdom on his first solo album saying, “My life seems to have a lot of drama. In the last four years there was a lot of that going on, all to do with my own doing n’that. But I wanted to get back to remind people what I do.”

He also shared his take on why Oasis never fully broke America: “I think we were a bit too laddy or English for them…I’m quite happy with the way it went down in America to be honest. I think if we got big in America i’d be a proper c*nt.”

Earlier today, bookies announced 12/1 odds that Liam and Noel would reunite at Glastonbury 2017Liam is set to play The Other Stage on Saturday afternoon whereas his brother is also due to appear to introduce a special screening of Oasis movie ‘Supersonic’.