“Stay in school kids, don’t f**k up like me” – Lil Pump is going to prison

He violated a probation order for a driving offence

Lil Pump has told fans that he is set to go to prison for ‘a couple of months’ for having violated a probation order.

The 18-year-old ‘Gucci Gang’ rapper took to Instagram to tell followers that he was in violation of his PO having been arrested in Miami last month for driving without a license, with police also claiming that his car had the incorrect licence plate.

“Listen up y’all, I’m going to get straight to the point,” he told his followers on Instagram. “Y’all seen what happened in Miami where I got arrested over some bullshit, so I’m on probation to L.A., I just violated my P.O. so now I’ve gotta go in and do a couple of months.”



However, Pump also revealed that new material would be released during his jail time – with his debut album ‘Harvard Dropout’ scheduled to arrive on September 14.

He added: “But I got some crazy-ass shit dropping. I’m gonna have something for you, don’t worry – it’s gonna be crazy.”

“Listen up kids: Stay in school, don’t fuck up like me.”

The rapper signed an $8 million record deal with Warner Brothers back in March, and has been spotted with Quavo, Chief Keef, Lil Uzi Vert, and Rich the Kid – leading to much speculation as to who may guest on the album.


Pump was recently in the UK where he performed at Reading & Leeds Festival.